Thyro8 Bottle
Reviews / January 15, 2019

Thyro8 is a relatively new natural thyroid support supplement to have hit the market.

Although it has been on the market for less than a year, Thyro8 has already been relatively popular within the thyroid disorder communities.

Perhaps it is from their influencers’, which include well known and outspoken ‘TV doctors’ who regularly promote the product through their outlets and websites.

It’s more likely however, that the popularity of Thyro8, stems from all those Facebook ads popping up all the time! (Anyone else getting those all the time too?!)

Anyways, lets take a deeper look at Thyro8, and see whats in it and how it works.

Reviews / April 14, 2018

Since ThyroChoice’s release last month, it has quickly become a popular choice for patients who want to improve their thyroid naturally. We reviewed this thyroid supplement and determined that it can really be effective. ThyroChoice contains a lot of unique herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. And to top it all off, it is more inexpensive than almost any other thyroid supplement we have reviewed so far. Definitely check out this thyroid supplement.

RLC Labs iThroid
Reviews / January 22, 2017

RLC Labs is a pharmaceutical company that focuses exclusively on thyroid supplements and medications. They are best known for manufacturing and producing Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid, two prescription medications that contain desiccated thyroid extracts. RLC Labs also has two dietary thyroid supplements for those that do not require prescriptions or visits to doctors: i-Throid and a-Drenal. a-Drenal focuses on support healthy function of the adrenal gland while iThroid, while the name suggests, focuses on support the health and function of the thyroid gland.

Reviews / January 5, 2017

Thyroid Supplement Reviews can help pick the best thyroid supplement to combat hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid. Thyro-Slim is Maximum Human Performance’s patented weight loss supplement that is said to help boost metabolism and support the thyroid gland. We think its really cool that a supplement is patented, but is there really a need to do so? Maybe its just for their marketing platform, as the word patented seems to be around everywhere with Thyro-Slim. Lets see how Thyro-Slim does a thyroid support supplement.

thyro gold
Reviews / December 24, 2016

Thyroid supplements can help some those with underactive thyroids better manage their symptoms. Thyroid Supplement Reviews assists in this process by comparing and reviewing many of the best thyroid supplements in the market today. Thyroid supplements are reviewed based on the five categories: formula, company practices, effectiveness, side effects, and value.

Thyroid Helper
Wellness Resources Thyroid Helper
Reviews / August 4, 2016

Wellness Resources Thyroid Helper contains just five nutrients. Unfortunately, the ingredients in this supplement, consisting of selenium, manganese, l-tyrosine, ashwagandha, and gugulipid, are not what is considered the essentials in a thyroid support supplement.

Reviews / July 18, 2016

Douglas Laboratories’ ThyroMend seems to focus too much on herbs and not a lot of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It does contain Iodine but does not cover all the bases that should be in a Thyroid Support Supplement.

Priority One Vitamins Thyroid Plus
Reviews / July 7, 2016

We reviewed one of Priority One Vitamins’s six thyroid supplements. Their formula is questionable and may work for some people but may not work for others.

Healthy Thyroid
Reviews / April 11, 2015

A thyroid supplement formulated by Chiropractor David Williams and sold by Healthy Directions, LLC. We tested Healthy Thyroid’s “new breakthrough formula” and did not rank it very well. Because Healthy Thyroid seems to only be targeted at those with iodine deficiency, most reviewers note that they did not report feeling any changes.

T-Balance Thyroid Supplement
Reviews / April 9, 2015

T-Balance Thyroid Supplement claims 81% of women who tried T-Balance Plus, report significant symptom relief. Through our research, however, we’ve actually found a lot more things that it doesn’t do than the amount of things it does do – like improve thyroid functionality, increase energy levels, and improve metabolism for many people. Perhaps, it was a very weak ingredient in the mix. Or perhaps they were just using low grade ingredients.